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Integrated product development

Combining state of the art color development with advanced prototyping and graphics to deliver custom solutions.

Advanced Prototyping

3D Color creates innovative, customized prototypes and comprehensive models in an endless variety of materials, sizes, shapes and colors.

We believe that innovative model-making is both an art and a science. As we customize a product’s shape, materials, color and finish, we partner precision craftsmanship and advanced technology with a designer’s eye for sensibility and emotional appeal.

From vacuum forming, CNC milling, and rapid prototyping to bottle shapes and working models, 3D color can create just about anything.

Brand Color Development

All 3D Color product and service offerings are aligned with international plastic resin standards and procedures to ensure that the end result is transferable to real-world manufacturing processes. We also place a premium on practical considerations such as shipping efficiencies, shelf life and manufacturing costs.

Transform strategic brand visions and trend analysis of color into dynamic, engaging, on-shelf real time!

Graphic Solutions

3D Color offers a wide range of graphic solutions, including: labels, cartons, shrink wrapping, and poly bags.

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Graphic Solutions

Prototyping and 
Color Development