Our fees are based on the time estimated to complete an assignment multiplied by our hourly rates. We have different rates depending on the experience of our employees, the technology, and materials that we may use for a project. We estimate the time it takes to do a project, list associated expenses and submit an estimate. Prototypes, models, and color development are rarely exact sciences and often our assignments are best tracked on a time and materials basis that reflect actual costs with agreed-to ranges and not-to-exceed limits.

Working Relationship

All projects are different. Typically a designer/model-maker is assigned as project manager who will oversee coordination of your project and act as your lead contact. On larger scale projects, project managers are assisted by additional designers and model-makers, who phase in and out from other projects as needed.


Typically, we bill at the completion of each assignment and prefer a 30-day billing cycle. Other terms can be discussed as required. For new clients, we also ask for a percentage in advance before starting.

Model and Color Request Forms

Model Request Form
Adobe Acrobat document [25.0 KB]
Color Request Form
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