3D Color News

Garren Parker joins 3D Color as Vice President/Graphic Consultant.

3D Color, Inc. Employs Mr. Garren Parker as company Vice President.

Garren brings over 23 years experience in graphic design and business management.


CINCINNATI, OH (June 11, 2015): 


 I am happy and excited to announce our fully intergrated Graphic Services Department.

Our Graphic Services includes some of the following capabilities:

  Pressure Sensitive Labels (White, Foil and Clear)

  Poly Bags and Stand up Pouches (White, Foil and Clear)

  Cartons (White, Foil and POP Displays)

  Shrinks (Reverse print graphics with artwork distortion)


Special Finishes include the following:

 Spot Varnish Treatments including Pearls, Raised Tactile, Embossing, Direct Printing on Structures and Foil Stamping.


The introduction of our graphic department has added a new dynamic to 3D Color’s overall capabilities.

We would be more than happy to showcase our newly seamless workflow at your earliest convenience.