3DCOLOR, Inc. Employs Mr. Garren Parker as company Vice President.

Garren brings over 23 years experience in graphic design and business management.


3DCOLOR, Inc. Employs John Wooton as company Chief Operating Officer.



Ferbruary 1, 2019  3DCOLOR is pleased to announce the addition of John Wooton to our management team.

John comes to us with over 40 yrs. of engineering for manufacturing, molding and prototyping solution experience. John will be managing the daily operations as the Chief Operating Officer. With an engineering eye for the final result, he will be able to focus on blending early analysis and prototyping into reliable product developement. John has spent extended periods of his career in all phases of product design and development from concept to initial product launch. This new category will organically build on our current business units that include: Color,  Graphic and 3D development. John's product development expertise and our core competancies will  firmly establish a vaulable and unique in-house resource for our clients to develop valid and qualified, engineered prototypes.

John joins us as a retiring Senior Scientist, Professional Packaging...  after 23+ years of service. We are pleased to have John join us to continue his notable career.